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By Tom Knighton

Townhall Media/Beth Baumann

When we talk about anti-gun states, it’s important for us to remember that the whole of the state isn’t anti-gun. More often than not, these states are dominated by massive urban centers that have a disproportionate impact on the state’s politics. California is dominated by Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Illinois is dominated by Chicago, and so on.

Outside of those large urban centers, however, there are a lot of pro-gun people. They’re not folks who want gun control any more than you do, but they’re stuck in states where they have little voice.

But in New York, one town has offered up what voice they have to make their opposition to gun control clear.

The Grand Island Town Board on Tuesday took a stand against any new gun control measures that they say would further infringe on the rights of gun owners.

The Town Board approved a resolution that opposes the registration of long guns, social media and search engine history background checks for prospective gun buyers and the required purchase of liability insurance for gun owners. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Democratic legislators have said they support new gun control measures, but no …Read the Rest

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