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By DavidCodrea


By David Codrea

Keeping in mind that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, what does it say about Acting Nassau County DA Madeline Singas swearing to uphold the Constitution and then mandating a Second Amendment-infringing gun ban as a condition of employment? — Madeline Singas / Facebook

USA – -( “Nassau County DA’s office forbids prosecutors from having handguns (even at home),” UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh writes in The Washington Post. And from the response he received when seeking details, such bans are “consistent with other … offices in the New York City metropolitan area.”

The ban is actually spelled out in the job application form:

You have to wonder about the type of person who values a job over freedom, and why such people gravitate toward government careers.

Arrogant Acting DA Madeline Singas presumes a lot of authority, doesn’t she? That what happens when a population includes a critical mass of useful idiots to advance her bid for further rule. The thing is, it’s not like “law and order” Republican Kate Murray, bragging about her “multi-pronged plan to address gun violence” — which includes support for …read more

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