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By Daniel Terrill

The trade association for the gun industry, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, expressed optimism with the findings from a Pew Research survey showing four-out-of-10 people saying they live in a household with a gun.
“Some might see it as a magazine half full – or half empty,” said Larry Keane, the NSSF’s general counsel, in a blog post. “Better yet, the findings of a Pew Research Center survey report titled America’s Complex Relationship with Guns shows it’s not time to step off the firing line, but to reload.”
The 79-page report is the result of an extensive survey of 3,930 participants, including 1,269 gun owners, from around the country. The published material includes a collection of demographic information and covers a broad range of issues and opinions driving the debate over guns in the U.S.
The key takeaways for the NSSF include 42 percent living in a house with a gun and 36 percent open to owning one; 61 percent of gun owners citing personal protection as a key reason for owning a firearm; 66 percent saying they own multiple guns, which de-stigmatizes owning more than one gun; 59 percent of gun owners saying they’ve taken a gun safety course; and 95 percent


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