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By Robert Farago

The bio underneath the video above tells us that “Del Wilber is a former Intelligence Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency in Security and Counterterrorism. He served as an advisor for counterterrorism and counter-IED operations in Iraq from 2004-2007, as well as a counterterrorism advisor and consultant to the State Investigative and Protection Agency. He currently owns Secur-intel-solutions.” Respect. That said, I profoundly disagree with this statement . . .

When I was growing up, part of the curriculum in the high schools was firearms safety and marksmanship and we didn’t have Columbines or Newtowns because kids were taught to respect firearms, how to handle them safely and taught what their purpose was for. And that’s long gone.

Columbine was a bomb plot (my review of the book of the same name to follow), perpetrated by a psychopath and his deeply depressed co-conspirator. The Newtown spree killer was taught about firearms safety during multiple ranger trips with his mother. In both cases, firearms familiarity enabled the killers. Murderers who could have and should have been removed from society. From guns, knives, bombs, cars, anything that was potentially lethal.

The wider point: teaching children about …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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