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By Tom Knighton

Seattle, WA thinks that people must be punished if they don’t have their weapons stored in a manner consistent with their sensibilities. So, if someone’s gun is obtained illegally–be it by a criminal or a family member with nefarious intentions–the lawful owner gets to be victimized twice. Once by the person taking his or her gun, the second by the government which wants to hammer them for not securing the weapon according to its wishes.

And even if the weapon was secured in some manner, it may not have been up to snuff in Seattle’s mind.

Yes, it’s stupid. Luckily, the NRA is now stepping in to formally challenge the law.

The National Rifle Association, along with the Second Amendment Foundation, sued the city of Seattle on Friday over its “safe storage” gun law, arguing it violates Washington State’s 35-year-old pre-emption statute.

Last week, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signed into law legislation that requires firearms to be stored in a locked container and slaps penalties on those who do not report lost or stolen guns.

But that ordinance, which was set to go into effect in January and would slap a fine as high as $10,000 on offenders, runs afoul of state …Read the Rest

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