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By Robert Farago

Desmond Meagley (courtesy

The recently published study State Gun Law Environment and Youth Gun Carrying in the United States purports to prove that “more restrictive overall gun control policies are associated with a reduced likelihood of youth gun carrying.” The usual media suspects have decided that the study also proves that less restrictive gun control laws lead to more youth gun carrying, leading to more firearms-related teen suicides. A bit of a stretch, no? Our man Krafft fisked a CNN story built on this premise. It looks like got the memo from Mayor Bloomberg’s pseudo-journos at NPR’s When Deciding To Live Means Avoiding Guns is similar to but far worse than CNN’s “teens should be around guns” anti-gun agitprop. Check it out . . .

When you’re managing a mental health issue, home’s not always a safe place.

I recently talked with a 23-year-old in Oakland, Calif., who says he’s worried about an upcoming visit to his aunt’s home on the East Coast. He’s afraid of what he might do to himself there.

“I know that in my aunt’s house there are three guns in the basement,” says the …read more

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