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By Tom Knighton

If you’re going to be serious about combatting school shootings, there are a number of things that probably need to be done. Heightened security is a definite priority, but one proposal that many on the right are favoring is arming teachers so they can defend themselves and, by extension, their students.

Arming teachers has certainly been controversial, to say the least. Many are outraged at the mere suggestion of it.

However, that hasn’t stopped a number of states and school districts from approving such a plan. Now, a North Texas school district has joined their number.

Employees of Paradise ISD — northwest of Eagle Mountain Lake — will be allowed to carry firearms following the Monday vote, district superintendent Dr. Paul Uttle said.

Uttle said for an employee to carry a gun on campus, he or she would already need to possess a concealed carry license and then pass the district’s training program.

“It’s a decision we wish we did not have to make, but in light of recent activities across the country, the board thought it was necessary to protect our students and staff,” Uttle said.

I get wishing you didn’t have to make such a decision, but they did, and it …Read the Rest

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