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By Tom Knighton

Compromise is, generally, not a dirty word. Husbands and wives do it all the time. Business partners do it too. Anytime two individuals or groups have a disagreement, compromise helps them manage that disagreement.

Where it becomes a dirty word, however, is when you know the other side won’t change their endgame. They’ll keep pushing for the same thing, so by compromising, you simply give them what they want incrementally.

This is the case with guns, where once upon a time, full-auto weapons were available by mail for anyone and everyone who had the cash. Time and time again, pro-gun forces compromised with the anti-gun activists, and peace was had…for a little while. Until the anti-gun crowd wanted something else, and then there was more compromise.

Over and over again, compromise happened, and what really took place was that the anti-gun zealots were shifting thing in their direction over and over again, and we pro-gun folks got jack.

So, we stopped. We quit giving ground. We figured we’d given enough over the years and we were done with it. We wanted our rights back, as a matter of fact. All of them.

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