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By Rob Morse

Free Speech
“No Gun-Plans For You” No Free Speech In Blue States

U.S.A. -( A young man posted the plans for a gun online. The patent office is full of such plans, and you can download those drawings for free as well.

Several Socialist politicians then lost their minds in outrage. The control of homemade guns isn’t about gun control: it is about controlling you. Note that the Democrat controlled blue states were the first to restrict free speech when they don’t like what we’re saying or reading; in this case, the plans for homemade guns. Let’s see these regulations in context.

Gun control isn’t about crime control. Criminals get guns today and they will get their guns tomorrow. Criminals are able to get guns despite our gun laws because criminals are willing to break our laws. They ignore all 23 thousand of our firearms regulations, including the next gun law that is passed. The vast majority of criminals get their guns through the black market. They don’t bother with background checks or gun registration or waiting periods. Those regulations only infringe on the rights of honest citizens like you and me. Socialist politicians like …Read the Rest

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