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By Ammoland

ACTION ALERT – HEARING Monday! “Big 5 Ban” Bill Will Make Felons of Hundreds of Thousands of New Jerseyans Who Own Items With Ivory, Mother of Pearl, Exotic Leather and Much More!

NJ’s ‘Big 5 Ban’ Bill Makes Felons of 100,000’s Who Own Items With Ivory & Leather

Gilbert, AZ –-( A hearing is being held Monday, November 9, at 1:00 PM in Trenton on S3416, an outrageous and draconian bill that bans mere POSSESSION of not only ivory, but also anything made from over 11,000 species of wildlife!

We need people to attend the hearing to stop this legislation.

Under the misleading guise of a so-called “Big Five African Species ban” to take advantage of recent headlines about Cecil the lion, this legislation would ban possession, transportation, importation, exportation, processing, sale or offer for sale or shipment of any species listed as vulnerable, threatened or endangered by a variety of unaccountable Non-Governmental Organizations. Ivory, Mother of Pearl, tortoise shell, exotic leathers – you name it – all would be criminal to possess or transport in New Jersey.

The only exemption for private ownership is if you get a certificate of legal ownership from New Jersey, for a …Read the Rest

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