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By Ammoland

Andy Lightbody

By Andy Lightbody; AmmoLand Auto Editor

2016 Nissan Titan : The Nissan Titan has been completely redesigned for 2016 with a host of new technological innovations and design features that are going to make it much more contemporary and fun to drive both on and off the road. Its big turbocharged diesel V8 is going to give it a whopping 310 horsepower and a 12,000 pound towing capacity.
Andy Lightbody

Grand Junction, Co. –-( Having just finished on/off-road test driving and evaluating the venerable, but “dated” 2015 models of the Nissan Titan and Frontier trucks, I have a lot of mixed-emotions with the fact that the 2016-2017 versions are going to be everything from “new and improved,” to radically different.

Put into perspective from the view of the sportsman, both have filled a need for quality trucks for outdoor adventures for a lot of years. The full-size Titan has been around for over a decade, virtually unchanged.

The smaller, mid-size Frontier got some sheet-metal face lifting a few years back, but has also not changed very much since 2005. By comparison, many of the other maker auto companies and their offerings continue with new models, upgrades, new engines, transmissions, interiors …read more

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