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With the growing popularity of tactical shooting competitions, unfortunately more and more young males are now suffering from psychological issues, some of which are quite serious. For this reason, the National Institute of Healthe (NIH) recently published an advisory stating that health professionals should watch for worrisome issues that commonly arise with participants in PRS and NRL competitions:
“Notice: Individuals who compete in PRS/NRL activities may exhibit multiple mental and emotional issues. This is related primarily to competition stress and financial anxiety over excessive costs of PRS/NRL participation. We recommend immediate intervention, particularly if the individual is married.”
These PRS/NRL shooters may exhibit “anger, anxiety, and inability to control emotions” warned the NIH. This typically happens after a poor shooting performance or when the individual contemplates the vast sums of money he has spent on PRS/NRL guns, gear, optics and ammo. The anger and anxiety can be most extreme when a competitor is soundly defeated at the range by other shooters with very inexpensive rifles. This can create anger and even lead to violence or worse, suicidal thoughts.
Compulsive Spending Behavior Among PRS/NRL Participants
In addition, the NIH warned that the initial “rush” and thrill of PRS/NRL competition has lead to compulsive spending behavior,

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