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By Daniel Y

Nightforcce Optics is FINALLY re-issuing the classic NXS 2.5-10×24 scope. This limited run of scopes will be very welcome among the cloner community. Let’s see why this niche scope still has a following today.Optics @ TFB: US Department of Energy Selects Primary Arms PLx 1-8×24 Scope TFB Review: Infiray Outdoor’s Tube TS60 Thermal Scope – HD Thermal NEW Tango-DMR Scopes From SIG Sauer TFB Review: Sightron S-Tac 1-4.5×24 SR-1 Service Rifle Scope INTEGRIX IX8 1-8X28 LPVO Scope – First ImpressionsThe NXS 2.5-10×24 was a staple on the Mk12 Mod 1 rifles, as well as the Mk17 SCAR and SEAL Recce rifles. This scope was the DMR optic to beat in the era before low power variable optics (LPVO) were mainstream, and when precision scopes often had mil-dot reticles and MOA turrets.Two models of NXS 2.5-10×24 are available. One features the MOAR reticle and MOA turrets, and the other has the MIL-R reticle and MRAD turrets. Both feature illumination. A throw lever is also standard for quick magnification adjustments. Parallax is fixed at 100 yards, and the Nightforce ZeroStop system

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