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By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

By Dean Weingarten

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan
Dean Weingarten

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Governor Maggie Hassan, (D) New Hampshire, has signed HB 500 the bill that legalizes hunting with silencers in New Hampshire. From the American Silencer Association:

The American Suppressor Association is proud to announce that after 3 years and a lot of teamwork, suppressor hunting is now legal in the Granite State! Earlier today, Gov. Maggie Hassan signed Rep. John Burt’s (R-Hillsborough)HB 500 into law, making New Hampshire the 40th state to legalize suppressor hunting. We could not be more proud to have been part of the team that got this bill introduced, passed through both houses of the legislature, and finally signed into law!

From the HB 500:

1 Title. This act shall be known as the “The Hunters Hearing Protection Act.”

2 Findings. The legislature finds that:

I. Firearm suppressors lessen the report of a firearm by approximately 30 decibels, thereby allowing hunters to more fully enjoy and participate in the sport.

II. Hunting with sound suppressors will help to lessen the hearing damage many hunters suffer from.

III. Hunting with a sound suppressor allows new, inexperienced hunters to hunt without ear plugs or ear muffs enabling them to …Read the Rest

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