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By Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich


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USA – -( After the unbelievably savage and despicable effort to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh through false and dishonest personal attacks, the burden should be on the Senate Democrats.

The New Yorker smear was an absurdity. A woman could only remember a self-described drunken event after six days of discussion with her attorney. Everyone connected with the event repudiates her attack on Judge Kavanaugh.

The Avenatti client’s claim of a series of gang rapes was beyond unbelievable. Classmates and high school friends of Kavanaugh simply repudiated her as a liar making up a fantasy assault on the nominee.

Another absurd attack came from a mother whose daughter promptly says nothing happened, and her mother is simply wrong. The daughter goes on to affirm Judge Kavanaugh’s decency as someone she briefly dated and remembers fondly.

Senator Grassley’s staff received messages containing vicious threats, such as they deserve to be raped (these messages, by the way, should be tracked down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and prosecuted).

The Kavanaugh family received death threats (which again, should be tracked down and prosecuted).

Dr. Ford and her family have received death threats after being forced into the Democrats’ scheme (these should also …Read the Rest

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