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By Patriot Outdoor News

“The grisly carnage from mass shootings regularly attracts the nation’s focus as a public safety issue, if only fleetingly,” The New York Times Editorial Board wailed in yet another hand-wringing paean to citizen disarmament. “But the highest death toll from guns by far continues to be the far less noticed wave of suicides — nearly 20,000 a year — by Americans whose easy access to guns presents an irresistible temptation in a critical moment of despair.”

That certainly doesn’t sound like anything “background checks” or a “high capacity magazine” ban would have any impact on. It sounds like they just don’t want anyone to have a gun. That’s pretty much the same position taken by a source cited by The Times as authorities on the matter: The Brady Center.

Yeah, sure, those AstroTurf monopoly of violence freaks like to present themselves as “common sense gun safety advocates,” but that’s just so they can push through incremental assaults on freedom before moving on to their next objective. That’s why they no longer call themselves Handgun Control, Inc., and why they’d just as soon we all forget the words of their founder, Nelson “Pete” Shields, who, back in 1976, told …read more

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