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By Tom Knighton

Numerous school shooting shows that despite being gun free zones, the bad guys simply don’t care. Their decision to cross onto that property with a firearm is the least of their crimes, after all, so what do they care if they pick up yet another charge?

The only thing that keeps school incidents from becoming another Parkland is the presence of a good guy with a gun, such as at Great Mills High School a short time after the Florida shooting. In that incident, the attacker was met with lethal force by a school resource officer, ending the tragedy before it could become the true nightmare.

But what about schools that don’t have resource officers or they hide outside like they did in Parkland? What about a killer who takes the officer as their first victim? In those and any number of other incidents, you’d want responsible adults such as teachers armed and ready to protect themselves and the students they teach.

But in New York state, the jihad against guns continues as the state looks to ban teachers from carrying guns.

New York would ban teachers from carrying guns in school under a broad gun control package set to pass …Read the Rest

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