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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

New Year’s Resolutions with Illinois State Rifle Association

USA -( As 2017 slides into the history books it is time to consider 2018. I believe 2018 will be a very intense year for gun owners. With 2018 being an election year, everything will be on the line.

First, all of the Illinois State Representatives and one third of the Illinois State Senators will be up for election. As you are well aware, it is a continuous battle to keep our Second Amendment Rights in Illinois. The makeup of the Illinois General Assembly is key.

Second, all of the Illinois Constitutional Officers are up for election in 2018. The Illinois Constitutional Officers are Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller and Treasurer. While all offices are important, the Governor and Attorney General are critical offices.

Third, 2018 is the National “off year” Elections. That means all 435 Congressmen and 34 Senators will be up for election. With the election of President Trump, too many gun owners thought everything would be fine forever, which is the most dangerous thing that could happen.

The 2018 elections may make the gains we have made vanish in the twinkling of an eye. While the President was …Read the Rest

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