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By TTAG Contributor

While they are often billed as “common sense” and “public safety,” the gun laws passed by our government rarely achieve either. In fact, more often than not, they are merely another step toward oppressive governmental control designed to disarm a law-abiding populace and strip them of their ability to defend themselves. More blatantly, they are often a bold-faced attack on American’s constitutional rights.
No doubt, the new laws will be debated for days and months to come by those on both sides of the issue in the legislative halls, the courts, on social media and in the comments sections of websites (no doubt even this one though why the hell an anti would spend time here makes as much sense as a barbecue sandwich at a Bar Mitzvah other than to troll the righteous.)
But for better or worse, with the start of 2024, a number of states have implemented significant changes

Source: The Truth About Guns

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