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By Daniel Terrill

Up until a few months ago, the AA12 design had only been seen in a full-auto configuration in movies and video games. Now, the emerging Sol Invictus Arms is offering a semi-auto model.
Sol Invictus displayed the semi-auto AA12 shotgun last week at TriggrCon 2018 in Bellevue, Washington. The company’s marketing manager Michael Rivera explained that the civilian market will finally get a taste after being teased for some 30 years.
“All the while this thing is being featured in video games, in Hollywood films, all over the place and people would love on a civilian market here in America to get their hands on it in a semi-auto configuration, so that’s what we’ve done,” Rivera told
Sol Invictus Arms marketing manager Michael Rivera holding the new semi-auto AA12 shotgun. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
For decades, the design belonged to an inventor who was holding out for law enforcement or military contracts and refused to create a semi-auto variant. But recently Sol Invictus obtained patents and designs for the AA12 and now plans to release 2,000 limited edition models by December.
The 12-gauge shotgun has a gas-operated closed bolt system, an all stainless steel receiver, and an 18.25-inch barrel that puts the overall length at


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