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By Bob Owens


Let me get my biases out the the way: I utterly abhor the very concept of law enforcement officers having any part of their kit that looks, feels, and is deployed like a handgun, but which isn’t a gun.

We’ve seen too many documented instances of highly-stressed officers grabbing a gun when they thought they were grabbing a taser and shooting suspects they didn’t mean to shoot. We’ve also seen instances where officers were injured or killed because they had a taser or pepper spray in their hands when they should have had a gun.

The Pinel County Sheriff’s Department is now adopting a four-barrel Russian designed firearm that they’ve been told is non-lethal, and which Sheriff Paul Babeu is apparnetly touting as non-lethal or non-lethal depending on the reporting of the story.

The thing is, the Osa (the Russian name for the system) can not only cause severe wounds, the 18x45T rubber bullet can penetrate the ribs or the skull and do horrific damage, as this Russian account makes painfully clear (PDF).

The Russian suspect who was the recipient of one of these rubber slugs is reportedly in a vegetative state.

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