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By Robert Farago

Mr. Waldron's shotguns (courtesy

Let no one forget that the gun control laws of states like New Jersey are an affront to residents’ civil rights. If you need reminding, clock this story from “A New Jersey man was arrested in Great Kills Park Friday night after two shot guns and shell casings were recovered from his vehicle. Gerald Waldron of New Jersey was approached after an officer noticed his Jeep parked in the parking lot after hours without a permit . . .

Upon approaching the car, the officer observed two shot guns and shell casings inside the vehicle; Waldron could not produce paperwork for the guns. He said he was hunting turkeys in New Jersey, but could not produce a hunting license.

He was arrested for possession of two shotguns and three boxes of shotgun shells.

Federal authorities charged Waldron with possession of an unlicensed shotgun.

He was released and a court date is pending.

While you may (or may not) consider hunting turkeys without a license a fair cop, there is no suggestion in this article that Mr. Waldron intended to use his firearms for otherwise nefarious purposes. In “free states” his offense would have earned him a ticket and a fine. In …Read the Rest

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