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By Tom Knighton

In New Jersey, police departments are required to trace the origins of any guns recovered in crimes. Of course, that data is useless after a point. For example, if someone buys a gun in a gun store in Florida, then moves to Texas and sells to someone in a face-to-face transfer, the gun tracing data is useless. Not only has it legally crossed state lines, but it was sold legally in a way that creates no paperwork. These sales can happen a lot, too, so the gun can end up in New Jersey in any number of ways.

But, they have to do it.

However, they’ve never had to do anything particular with the data. Until now, that is.

Gov. Phil Murphy has repeatedly vowed to make New Jersey a national model for gun control. On Wednesday, the Democrat’s administration took his latest step in that crusade.

Murphy’s state attorney general Gurbir Grewal, announced it is now mandatory for all state and local law enforcement agencies in New Jersey to share information about who manufactured, sold, and purchased guns used in crimes committed in the Garden State.

Grewal said while firearms crimes are down in the state compared to …Read the Rest

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