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By Nick Leghorn

Loretta Weinberg (courtesy

New Jersey has had a law on the books that Democrat Loretta Weinberg (who introduced it) claims promotes the development of “smart gun” technology. The law mandates that once a smart gun is sold anywhere in the U.S., all guns in New Jersey must be smart guns. But as we’ve seen since it’s been on the books, when a smart gun was finally marketed, that very law was the biggest reason why not a single one was ever sold. Weinberg seems to have finally come to terms with the fact that her feel-good legislation actually did more harm than good and has finally introduced a new bill to repeal the existing law and replace it with a new and slightly improved version. In other news Hell has frozen over, and porcine aircraft are buzzing the capitol in Trenton . . .

The proposed legislation can be found in its entirety here, but in general it’s a small step in the right direction. If enacted, it would flip the system on its head — after a single “smart gun” becomes available for sale, all gun stores in New Jersey will be required to offer at …Read the Rest

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