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By Robert Farago

Primetake 7.62 ammo to go

Primetake, a UK manufacturer of specialist munitions, is launching two products within its Omega range of ammunition, including the 7.62mm x 51AP (armour piercing) and the 7.62mm x 51SB (subsonic) rounds,” reports. “The AP round utilises a REACH-compliant tungsten core to maximise its penetrative capability, successfully engaging 7mm rolled homogenous armour (Miilux protection 380), while also achieving penetration at inclined angles of up to 25°.” So now you know. Janes reports that Primetake – which also turns out a line of bird-scaring pistol and shotgun ammunition – developed the rounds for “elite military, police and special forces units” who use “high-quality bolt action sniper rifles.” So no Omega for American alphas. But here’s something that could make if across the pond and into your local gun store . . .

Primetake is also presenting the latest update of its counter-terror enhanced 9mm round, which provides no ‘over-penetration’ and reduces ricochet, making it of particular interest to those involved in sensitive counter-terror or close protection activities.

What if you’re involved with insensitive counter-terror? Anyway, I’d love to know more. How can an effective round eliminate the prospect of any …read more

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