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By Robert Farago

“The AK-400 is superior to the tried and true AK-74 and state-of-the-art AK-12 in terms of both precision and fire dispersion,” a source within the Russian military industry tells Izvestia newspaper. The source went on to say that the ““AK-12 is a weapon for the infantry, paratroopers, and reconnoiters. And the troops in the Special Forces need a more compact rifle, which – on the one hand – isn’t inferior to Ak-12 in precision and fire dispersion, but – on the other hand – is compact enough to storm buildings, planes, trains, and buses, as well as jump with a parachute and walk in the forest.” has a few details . . .

It has a length of approximately 940 millimeters and weighs slightly over 3 kilograms.

The new Kalashnikov will have a special “cutoff” fire mode that releases bullets only when the trigger is pulled.

It also has a retractable telescopic butt-stock that allows it to be shortened in a matter of seconds, allowing the rifle to be used inside of a car or even hidden under clothing.

The AK-400 is equipped with a Picatinny Rail, a mounting platform for various sights, pens, flashlights, and …Read the Rest

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