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By Robert Farago

Freedom Munitions Boar Buster Ammunition

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Lewiston, ID – Freedom Munitions – America’s largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of ammunition– announces the immediate release of their first line of hunting ammunition, Boar Buster. As with all of Freedom Munitions’ offerings, Boar Buster is proudly made in Lewiston, Idaho, USA. Freedom Munitions’ Boar Buster ammunition was designed for flawless function and performance when hunting with modern sporting rifles. Utilizing only . . .

the most dependable primers, brass cases and Vihtavuori powder, Boar Buster features a Nosler Bonded Performance bullet making it one of the most lethal combinations against feral hogs, bears and other animals with thick hides and strong bones.

The Bonded Performance bullet has been designed for reliable feeding, controlled expansion, weight retention and deep penetration. Unlike other bullets that are designed to be frangible, the Bonded Performance bullet is designed to stay intact and create a more devastating temporary and permanent wound cavity.

“We developed Boar Buster because we saw a need in the market for a modern sporting rifle specific hunting load ammunition that feeds reliably and achieves the deadly performance that is needed to stop a boar in its tracks.” Stated B.J. Norris, Marketing Manager. “Freedom Munitions decided that our customers’ …Read the Rest

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