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By Tactical-Life

Krebs Custom’s original AC-15 was a hit. But, like all firearms, customers had their feedback and Krebs, like all good companies, listened. Now Krebs is introducing its all new AC-15 Mod2 rifle.

The new AC-15 Mod2 (extended rail only) features Krebs’ pinned rail system. This allows shooters the opportunity to field strip the rifle and remove the gas tube. While it is not a necessity, Krebs has received this request from many customers.

Krebs will still be making a couple of batches of the short rail, but it will utilize the screw version as a pinned rail is not possible on the standard length models.

The AC-15 Mod2 also has an upgraded trigger. Going forward, all AC-15 Mod2 rifles will now incorporate a Krebs Tuned AKT trigger from ALG Defense.

Each rifle ordered from the Krebs Custom website will also include a Froglube cleaning kit (Item 15200).

Rifles will open up for order Feb. 23 around 10:30 a.m. CST.

Krebs is attempting to give its California brethren some priority as pending legislation ab1664 is in the works. The company can make the AC-15 Mod2 CA Legal.

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