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By Chris Eger

South Africa has had a long history of armed conflict and, as such, has an equally long history of innovative local weapons designs — so innovative in fact, they’re solution based designs have been copied by manufacturers internationally. With limited budgets South African arms makers have a reputation of doing “more with less” and a good example of this (and one in which we can see elements of Kel-tec’s latest combat shotgun, the KSG) is the NeoStead 2000.
Why the NeoStead?
Combat shotguns have been standard issue in militaries around the world since World War 1, when the slam fired Winchester Model 97 fought the Thompson submachine gun hard for the title of trench sweeper.  Shotguns are brutally effective in close quarters battle scenarios, especially inside structures (e.g. in door breaching, room clearing et al) as well as being ideal for POW escort. Security and police forces have different rules of engagement than troops, though similar needs, and combat specific shotguns wasted no time cementing their place in these arsenals as well. Security forces quickly found that the most useful combat shotguns were the most compact ones available with as large a magazine as possible. It was with these parameters that a


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