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By Tom Knighton

While some are trying to push the country away from Stand Your Ground laws – usually through a mixture of fear-mongering and misrepresentation, much like everything else anti-gunners do – it seems not everyone is on board with their plan. Thank goodness.

For example, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is open to the idea of adopting the measure.

Gov. Pete Ricketts said Monday he would be open to the possibility of enacting a so-called “stand your ground” law that would broaden the legal right to self-defense in Nebraska.

Varying forms of those laws now are in effect in at least 25 states and have generally expanded upon earlier self-defense guarantees within one’s home.

“I’d be interested in working with a senator who might want to work on that,” Ricketts told a caller from Omaha during his monthly radio call-in show aired on KFOR in Lincoln.

Ricketts also said he would err on the side of public safety, which is fine. The average public doesn’t have anything to worry about regarding Stand Your Ground laws.

You see, while there is wide opposition to the law, it’s usually due to gross misunderstandings of what the law means.

For example, it’s often described as justifying lethal force any …Read the Rest

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