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By Iain Graeme

Hold the Line!

Oppose Kearney City Council’s Unconstitutional Edicts!
As you might be aware, Lincoln and Omaha are firmly on the road to serfdom by recently voting in favor of egregious infringements upon the citizens right to keep and bear arms.
Now, Nebraskans can add Kearney to that list of infamy.
Earlier this month, Kearney passed an ordinance (Resolution 2023-149, pages 6-8) that stripped citizens of their God-given right to preserve life, liberty, and property with commonly held arms on taxpayer owned property.
Within the edict these public servants explicitly forbid citizens from “the carrying of weapons and handguns concealed or open, with or without a permit” and describes city-owned properties or premises as “…any premises under the care and control of the City of Kearney to include but is not limited to owned or leased property or property contracted to be managed by the City of Kearney and common areas including but not limited to the approach, sidewalks, steps, verandas, parking lots, vestibules, interior hallways, restrooms and atriums.”
To make matters worse, this loathsome edict was passed with two council members absent from the meeting. Despite the overwhelmingly negative public response to their overt tyranny, the council moved forward.
Following the example as set by the Founders, it’s now

Source: Gun Owners of America

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