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By Dan Zimmerman


By James England via

The 4th of July marks the time when our Founding Fathers issued a proclamation to the British government. And while each year, we celebrate our new-found liberty and freedom with fireworks and barbecues – one family in North Carolina is very much on edge about defending theirs. Tower climbing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. It involves servicing cell phone and transmission towers all cross the nation with little advance warning and working at heights that would make most men quit. Many of these towers are located in remote regions and sketchy areas. When Brian Fletcher mobilized his men to head up to New Jersey, he did what any law abiding gun owner in North Carolina would do when heading into unknown territory – he brought his legally owned pistol . . .

The mission: disaster relief for Trenton, New Jersey. According to Fletcher, he and his entire team had less than an hour to get their equipment together and proceed north. And in almost all the states in the Southeast, he would have been perfectly fine bringing his firearm with him.

On the night of June 28, …read more

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