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By Andrew Shepperson

Anthony Patrick Sanders (Photo: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)
A Nashville man was charged Wednesday for being a convicted felon in possession of firearms as a result of an investigation into the shooting death of a young girl.
According to a Justice Department news release, 27-year-old Anthony Patrick Sanders illegally possessed a handgun he left loaded and unattended around children. This illegal firearms possession and neglect allegedly led to 7-year-old Harmony Warfield being fatally shot on June 6 by a 2-year-old boy who picked up the handgun and fired.
“Another innocent child has died because the defendant, a convicted felon who is prohibited from possessing a firearm, chose to ignore the law and arm himself with handguns,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Jack Smith. “It is apparent from this investigation that multiple people knew that the defendant regularly carried firearms and some had even told him not to bring guns into the area where so many children are located.”
As documented in the criminal complaint, Sanders had stayed in the J.C. Napier housing area the night before the shooting and slept on the couch of the residence where the shooting occurred. After waking, he went outside, and shortly thereafter the gun was fired inside the residence.
Harmony was struck


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