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By Jenn Jacques

Jenn 2001

Thinking back to that Tuesday morning 14 years ago, I cannot believe how young and naive I was.

On September 11, 2001, I was a 25 year old single mother working as a Loaned Executive for Humana Insurance with the Brown County United Way. That glorious fall morning, I had dropped my son off at his daycare like any other morning. I made my way back into Green Bay for my scheduled presentation to my fellow Humana employees at the downtown location in the KI Convention center. I distinctly remember admiring the crystal clear skies, the remarkable color of blue that went on as far as the eye could see was absolutely glorious. As I mentally reviewed my schedule for the rest of my day, I was thankful to have been chosen for the Loaned Executive position and I looked forward to driving to my appointments across the city because it would allow me to be out and about in that amazingly beautiful weather rather than being stuck in my cubicle at the main office.

My first presentation at 8am held just over a dozen employees, not too bad for the first one of the day. At the conclusion of my presentation, …read more

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