Posted June 14, 2018 12:00 pm by Comments

By Chris Eger

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy inked a six-pack of new gun laws on Wednesday as promised while a Second Amendment group returned fire in the shape of a legal challenge.
The bills, approved by lawmakers last week, include a “red flag” seizure measure to remove guns from those believed to be threats, one to trim magazine capacity down to 10 rounds, enhanced background checks, a ban on “armor-piercing” ammo and a measure derailing prior efforts by former Gov. Chris Christie to make it easier to get a gun license.
“Today, I’m proud to sign this series of common-sense gun safety bills into law to protect our children and families from the reckless dangers of gun violence, something the federal government has failed to do on behalf of its residents,” said Murphy in a signing ceremony attended by gun control advocates and prominent state Democrats. “By setting these higher standards for gun safety, New Jersey continues to bolster its reputation as a national leader on this critical social and public health issue.”
Murphy earned the trifecta of gushing praise from all three of the big national gun control groups — Brady, Everytown, and Giffords. What he also picked up was a federal lawsuit filed by


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