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By Tom Knighton

Being a municipal judge is a part-time job. It’s a fairly involved part-time job, from what I’ve seen, but it’s still only part-time. As a result, municipal judges tend to have law practices outside of the courtroom. They also engage in activities that most judges wouldn’t do.

However, one municipal judge is under fire in part for his lobbying efforts in defending gun rights.

Gun-rights lobbyist Frank Saccoccio has worn many hats in the last two years.

He has been a municipal court judge in Cranston, an assistant town solicitor in Johnston, and a top lobbyist at the Rhode Island State House for the group known as the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition, which has aggressively — and for the most part, successfully — opposed new gun-control laws, including a proposed ban on guns on school grounds.

But his worlds collided last fall in a series of events that may now threaten his reappointment as a part-time, $3,750-a-year municipal court judge in Rhode Island’s second-largest city.

The short version:

Saccoccio was fired from his Johnston perch last October after he dismissed two misdemeanor charges against a state senator’s daughter. Saccoccio is up for reappointment as a municipal court judge in early January by the …Read the Rest

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