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By Jordan Stein

Mississippi Education Board Must Follow State Law
Dear friend,
Mississippi state law has generally allowed permitted individuals to carry firearms on public school campuses for over a decade.
Recently, Mississippi State Board of Education has made an effort to update their policies to be in accordance with state law. One of these policies was an outdated prohibition on carry.
While the State Board should be forced to have policies that are in accordance with state law, gun owners must act to ensure their policies are in line with the law.
After all, this anti-gun policy has been on the books — and against state law — for over a decade.
Currently, the Board has made a temporary move to repeal the outdated policy, but it needs to become permanent.
So please take action and urge Board Members to make the permanent. The following is a suggested text, but please take a moment to customize and personalize your message. And of course, please be polite in your message:
Hello, I’m a Mississippi citizen, voter, and taxpayer. Please move forward to revise and make in accordance with state law Miss. Admin. Code 7-3: 97.1, State Board Policy Chapter 97, Rule 97.1. The policies set forth by the Board should be

Source: Gun Owners of America

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