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By Dean Weingarten

Mounted Shooting Competition Texas

Arizona — ( — While I was in Texas this past December, I attended a mounted shooting competition about 50 miles from Fort Worth. The competition was organized by Texas Smoking Guns. The event was held at Salt Creek Arena and Stables, on FM 51, just south of Boyd, Texas . . .

Several things are different about Mounted Shooting compared to more conventional shooting competitions. The most obvious is that they do not use conventional ammunition. They use blanks. Special blanks, that are not provided by the shooters, issued to them by the organization holding the meet.

This makes a lot of sense, given the restrictions of the competition. They use real guns.All that I saw were Ruger stainless single action revolvers. The rules require single action guns, and Rugers have proven to be the most durable and reliable, according to contestants that I talked to. Because the blanks are black powder, the guns selected are stainless steel, to make cleaning less of a chore.

Mounted Shooting Blanks

The blanks are made …Read the Rest

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