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By Chris Eger

Gun rights advocates hold that upwards of 50,000 attended the VCDL lobby day in Richmond this week. (Photo: VCDL)
As part of a rally in conjunction with the annual Virginia Citizens Defense League lobby day in Richmond, tens of thousands filled the streets.
In all, Capitol Police estimate that some 22,000 gun owners and Second Amendment advocates of all stripes were on hand Monday around the state Capitol complex. Even those numbers were very considered conservative as many reportedly were not able to get close enough to the historic downtown area to join the throng of those exercising their First Amendment right to protect their Second Amendment rights.
“Thanks to everyone who patiently waited to enter for today’s rallies & to lobby their legislators,” noted authorities. “Capitol Square & the surrounding area saw crowds of tens of thousands & only one arrest was made.”
There were no reports of injuries and the sole arrest was reportedly for a 21-year-old woman charged with wearing a mask in public– an obscure 1950s-era state law— more than an hour after the event ended.
“I cannot begin to say how absolutely great gun owners really are!” said Philip Van Cleave, VCDL president. “Not only was Lobby Day completely peaceful,


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