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By Ammoland

Florida Gun Rights FLGR

By Paul Valone

North Carolina Gun Rights Group
Grass Roots North Carolina
Grass Roots North Carolina

North Carolina –-(

Florida Gun Rights FLGR

Straight out of the NAGR playbook (and following what they’ve done in Mississippi, Florida and elsewhere), the single and only thing The Boys from NAGR are doing is to push a “petition” for which they claim a ridiculously inflated number of signatures.

But here is their dirty little secret: While we may disagree on the effectiveness of petitions as political weapons (many argue they are too easily ignored), a petition makes an excellent ruse for predatory fundraising.

You see, the scammers are also spammers. If you sign their petition, you will receive endless spam dunning you for money. And if The Boys from NAGR are anything like the folks who trained them, the “thanks” you receive for signing or contributing will likely be to have your email sold to other spammers.

What you can do to pass constitutional carry.

Our problem is that HB 69 is currently assigned to the NC House Judiciary I Committee, chaired by Rep. Ted Davis (R-New Hanover, GRNC *), who will likely deny it a hearing, killing it. Accordingly, we need …Read the Rest

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