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By Tom Knighton

There are a lot of smart journalists out there. They’re intelligent, insightful, and competent people who know how to get to the truth of a story.

But there are also a lot of arrogant jackwagons who think they know better than everyone else around them because of their experiences, never admitting that those experiences might be limited.

A prime example is an editorial out of Bozeman, Montana. It seems the editorial board seems to believe that it knows more about what Montanans want than the folks who elect state officials do. They start by describing Washington state’s I-1639, then go on to say:

Washington joins other states that have passed tougher gun laws. The moves are symptomatic of voter frustration with the seeming inability of Congress to move on the issue. All lawmakers on both the state and national levels should take heed. In the wake of numerous mass killings in recent years – most involving assault-style guns – a clear majority of all Americans want to see some action.

It’s highly unlikely the Republican-controlled Montana Legislature will follow this trend. In fact there probably will be efforts to loosen restrictions on gun rights. Expect another proposal to permit students, staff …Read the Rest

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