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A carpet is used up front for smoother tracking with the Joy-Pod’s flat, ski-style feet. The arms of the Joy-Pod were painted to match the stock. The rear bag features low-drag material on the ears.
F-Class competition grows in popularity every year. Unlike F-Open, the F-TR (Target Rifle) class is limited to the .223 Remington (5.56×45) or .308 Winchester (7.62×51) chamberings. F-TR rifles also use bipods rather than a front rest. But these are no ordinary Harris-style bipods. Modern F-TR bipods have a wide footprint for added stability and many F-TR shooters favor SEB Co-Axial joystick bipods (aka “Joy-Pods”). Today we are featuring an F-TR rig that showcases the types of components, and accessories used by top F-TR competitors — including a coaxial bipod and Labradar Chronograph. If you’re considering getting started in the F-TR game, take a close look at this modern F-TR build from Forum member DM.Oakes.

Modern F-TR Rig with Borden Action, Krieger Barrel, and SEB Joy-Pod
This handsome .308 Win F-TR rig features a smooth-running Borden BRM action, 30-inch 1:10″-twist Krieger barrel, and an X-Ring Laminated Wood stock. Up front is a coaxial “Joy-Pod” joystick bipod. This is a state-of-the art, wide footprint bipod used by many competitors at

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