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By Bruce W. Krafft


Minnesota State Rep. Kim Norton (D-Rochester) isn’t planning on running for re-election, so has decided to spend her last days in public service pushing for expensive, idiotic, nanny-state, feel-good measures which she knows won’t pass. As stated in the Rochester Post-Bulletin piece Norton to push for stricter gun laws in final term: “Fed up with gun violence, retiring Rep. Kim Norton said she plans to introduce a package of ‘common sense’ gun law changes during her final legislative session.” . . .

“I just can’t take it anymore. This will be a bill that hopefully will be common sense, smart things that we could do that would help us get a little bit of a grip of who has guns, where they are,” Norton said.

As you might gather from her statement, one idea that animates her is that dearly held, evergreen hope of civilian disarmers everywhere; total gun registration. To her credit, she doesn’t spout the usual plaints like, “We register cars, why not guns?” No she has actually come up with a different, even more specious line of reasoning:

Norton … noted that if she sells her kayak to someone, she has to register who she gave it …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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