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By Daniel Terrill

Michael Meier, owner of M+M Industries, posing next to his “baby,” the M10x rifle, at SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
With a booth located beside the bathrooms and food court in the lower level of the Sands Expo during SHOT Show this year, M+M Industries saw a lot of foot traffic. The Colorado-based company showcased a variety of items, many of which imported from Romania, but owner Michael Meier proudly put on display his M10x rifle.
The rifle was loaded with what Meier called “the best of everything,” meaning he adopted features from other popular military-style weapons like the FN FAL, AK47, and AR15. “We just took all battle-proven concepts, took anything extra out of it, merged it with new machinery and new technology and into one single platform with half of the parts,” Meier said.
“We made a super simplistic platform,” Meier added and described the M10x as having a trigger that breaks down into three parts, a gas system comprised of three parts, and a charging handle that’s two parts. The result is a rifle that fits a “very minimalistic view and utilizes all the latest technology.”
The M10x began a new chapter for M+M. For most of


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