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By Tom Knighton

All over the country, state legislatures are getting ready to go back to work. Some will have very different faces. Others will look much the same as they did the year before.

For anti-gun lawmakers, though, it won’t matter.

After all, they have completely bought into the narrative that the midterms were a massive win for them, so they figure they can get gun control passed.

Even in GOP-controlled states like Missouri.

Missouri lawmakers have pre-filed over 600 bills for the next legislative session, including a dozen different bills relating to gun control.

Scott Randolph is the volunteer state legislative lead in Jefferson City for the national group Moms Demand Action, a grassroots political group that advocates for public safety measure to protect against gun violence.

“We need to take steps in the state to help protect and help reduce gun violence in our communities and help to promote gun safety. I think it is a good opportunity for this legislative session to address some bills that will do just that,”Randolph said.

The proposed legislation addresses things like firearm sales, safety and transfer, but Firearms Instructor Shawn Harper doesn’t feel additional legislation is necessary.

“No gun control law will fix the problems that we have. …Read the Rest

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