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By Ammoland

By Jeff Knox

Scary Woods Faceless Killer

Buckeye, AZ –-( Once again a disturbed, disgruntled, deviant with a chip on his shoulder has chosen to make himself famous by killing people, and once again the media, politicians, and some heartbroken family members of the victims are using the tragedy to call for “solutions” that can’t work to prevent such tragedies, and only hurt the innocent.

This time the culprit was a homosexual, African American, self-avowed racist who considered himself a victim.

In retribution for perceived slights from former colleagues at a Virginia TV station, the murderer decided to create a media sensation by committing his crimes on live television. But that wasn’t enough. To be sure that his act would be seen and replayed as much as possible, he also videoed the entire thing himself, including the actual act of shooting. He then posted that video, along with long lists of the “wrongs” he had suffered, to social media.

As is The Firearms Coalition’s longstanding policy, I will not mention the name of the murderer, and will only refer to him in the derogatory terms his actions have earned.

When the clear, and often openly stated objective of committing a …read more

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