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By Jenn Jacques


Maybe it’s because Minnesota is just west of me. Perhaps it’s because I am also a concealed carry permit holder. Or maybe it’s that I would have had pretty much the same response this man had to being questioned by a couple of sheriffs barking up my tree. Regardless of what it was, you have to hear how bad this story really is.

Ganrude issued the permit to William Thomas Underhill, 68, Jan. 31 after Underhill successfully completed the statutory requirements for carrying a concealed firearm in public. Less than six weeks later, Underhill was embroiled in an angry verbal confrontation with two Winona County Sheriff’s deputies at the Minnesota Department of Transportation shop in Dresbach.

According to documents filed in Winona District Court, Underhill had arranged to meet March 11 with deputies investigating a violation of a Domestic Abuse No-contact Order. Underhill was not the subject of the investigation.

The petition states that Underhill appeared to be very angry as he pulled into the parking lot, scowling and looking intently at the deputies’ squad cars. Exiting his vehicle Underhill marched toward the two squad cars, “teeth clenched, muscle tone rigid.”

This is the most ridiculous description on the planet. Were …Read the Rest

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