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By Jennifer Cruz, South Georgia News, Weather, Sports
A recent incident in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, ended with a warning about kids, toy guns, and law enforcement.
Kathryn Kottke was out for a walk with her family when she noticed three teens carrying what appeared to be guns.
“I didn’t know if these two boys were upset with each other or if they were playing a game, but on the 911 call, I did tell the person I’m not sure if it’s an Airsoft or a real gun, but it looks real,” Kottke recalled.
Police promptly responded to the call, but the circumstances were far from ideal.
“When the officers got out of the car, the one child heard either the car or the officer, and he turned around with one of the pistols in his hand and ended up pointing it in the direction of our officer, who drew his weapon, believing he was in danger of somebody with a pistol,” said Sgt. Paul Barnes with the St. Louis Park Police.
To add even more stress to an already tense situation, the teen with the gun in his hand reached into his waistband and pulled out a second gun. But the officer issued commands to the teens


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