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By Justin Stakes

Millennium Treestands – SafeLink
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Millennium Treestands

Pearl, MI -( Gravity never falls asleep. It never loses focus. It never gets tired. It never gets distracted. It never varies and never makes a mistake.

Human beings, on the other hand, do all of those things from time to time. That’s why falling from treestands is the single most common cause of death and serious injury for deer hunters.

But many hunters don’t know that relatively few of these falls happen from the treestand itself – they happen as the hunters are climbing in and out of the stand. An even more surprising fact: nowadays over 80 percent of hunters who are seriously injured in a fall were wearing a safety vest when they fell.

The safety vests didn’t fail – the hunters wore them, but didn’t have them hooked to a safety line while they were climbing in and out of the stand. They may have been safely secured while they were sitting in their stands for 12 hours, but when they got ready to leave, they unhooked their safety vests and tried to climb down unsecured.

The people at Millennium Treestands want to change that. Over the …Read the Rest

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