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By Jenn Jacques

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Recent polling of millennials had some pretty surprising results when it came to how they viewed gun control, showing they are less likely to support stricter gun laws than people over 30.

An Gallup poll conducted in October of last year showed 50% of 18-29-year-olds in support of stricter gun laws. Comparatively, the poll showed gun control support from 57% of those ages 30-49, 56% among those 50-64, and 55% among those 65 and older.

According to Gallup Poll Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport, “Millennials are … less interested in gun control than those who are older, so the data suggests it’s unlike a number of other attitudes say like, gay marriage where young people are much more liberal. We did not see that in our data on guns.”

NBC News talked with millennials on both sides of the gun control debate.

“I never want to be in that situation again,” 24-year-old Ryan Bradley said, who said four years ago, a man pointed a gun at him and called him a “white devil.” “Luckily, he didn’t shoot me but I can guarantee you if there was any gun laws on the books he would probably still have his gun.”

“I became an accidental activist, and …Read the Rest

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